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Cyber Security Analyst

We are seeking a cyber security expert to join our Wurldtech Global Security Services Team. Our customers are global leaders in the oil & gas and utility markets and our portfolio supports the lifecycle of critical infrastructure from certifying production equipment, supporting the secure integration of systems and completing risk assessments for end users. This is an exciting opportunity to work directly with equipment that controls critical infrastructure and runs in industrial installations. If computer and network security is your passion, this position is for you.

The job will be reporting to the manager of Global Security Services and you will be based out of our office either in Vancouver or The Hague (NL), and you must be willing to travel.

Wurldtech Security Technologies is looking for a motivated, passionate, experienced and results-oriented business professional to manage the general operations of the Achilles industrial cyber security certification program.


  • Security & robustness testing of industrial control systems and devices.
  • Identifying known vulnerabilities in devices, and developing tests to find new ones.
  • Creating mitigation rule-sets for security vulnerabilities.
  • Researching and developing new ways to identify vulnerabilities in networked devices.
  • Staying current with new developments in the network security and industrial control security worlds, especially in regards to disclosed vulnerabilities and security auditing techniques.


  • Expert knowledge of networking protocols and concepts (such as TCP/IP, ARP, ICMP, etc).
  • The ability to easily decipher packet captures and identify meaningful data.
  • Experience in black box testing, especially in terms of protocol analysis.
  • The ability to develop network-testing tools of your own (socket programming experience).
  • A solid low-level understanding of operating systems such as Linux and Windows.
  • Experience with software security vulnerabilities, and the ability to quickly identify security issues when looking at an application’s code.
  • The above requirements list some of the skills necessary for this position, but equally important are the character traits required.  You should be someone who is a quick learner, has a high attention to detail, and are extremely persistent.  You have a proven ability to work both in a self-directed manner, and as part of a team.  Computer and network security should be a topic that excites you and one that you pursue on your own time as well as work time.


  • Experience with industrial or process control systems
  • Experience with wireless technologies, especially any 802.15.4 ones.
  • Experience with embedded systems and devices.
  • The ability to create exploit code based on identified vulnerabilities.
  • An ability to decompile and reverse engineer applications (using tools such as IDA, OllyDbg, etc).
  • Any industry certifications, such as GIAC, CISSP, etc.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to jobs@wurldtech.com and include the job title in the subject line.


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